Andrea Nus

Perhaps the most important thing to know about me is I am passionate about people living fulfilling and purposeful lives. However you define “healthy”, I want to help you get there. I firmly believe if we create a loving and kind relationship with ourselves, it becomes easier to have healthy relationships with others.

I enjoy learning how the brain and our nervous system work, why relationships form the way they do, and why we respond the way we do in relationship to others. I consider myself a life-long learner and I learn so much from each of my clients as well.

My path to becoming a therapist was a result of several circumstances, the greatest being my own desire to seek therapy to better myself and grow towards self-acceptance. I gained insight, acceptance, and the encouragement to make changes in my life that benefited me, and ultimately, my relationships. That is what I hope to provide to you, as a client.

Born in Cedar Rapids, I have lived here most of my life. With my spouse and our two fur babies, we have created a home in a community I love. I have several interests including creating, reading non-fiction, attending concerts, politics, and spending time with family and friends.

When you become conscious of your purpose in life, you have both a gift and a responsibility.