Andrea Nus, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Practicing in Iowa and Florida

Welcome! Wherever you are at in your journey and in your search for therapy, I am really glad you are here.

I am Andrea (An-dree-uh) Nus, a white, heterosexually married, cis-gender female using she/her/hers pronouns, in a fat and large body. These are some of my identities. It matters to me that I be aware of my advantages with most of my identities and how this will affect our work together.

My intention is to create an atmosphere where you bravely explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and are guided towards the changes you seek. And I hope you experience my warmth, care, interest in, and compassion for you. And when appropriate, some humor too.

As a life-long learner, my colleagues, books, trainings, my own healing process, and my clients are my greatest teachers. I am especially fascinated in understanding more about our brains, bodies, nervous systems, reactions, and choices in relationships. Several experiences led to my becoming a therapist (see Education section below for my path’s twists and turns).

Born in Cedar Rapids, originally the land of the Očhéthi Šakówiŋ [oh-CHEH-tee shaw-KOH-we], Sauk and Meskwaki, and Kiikaapoi [Kickapoo], I have lived here most of my life. My spouse and our two cats enjoy watching the neighborhood birds together. Much of my free time is spent at trainings, listening to books and podcasts while playing in the yard, with loved ones, creating, tending to the birds, and attending outdoor concerts.


My path, as most people experience, has many curves in it with unexpected bends and foggy patches. Moving through each bend and foggy patch leads me to being closer to the person I want to be, with more clarity and confidence than I had before.

In 1999, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations. While working at a local corporation and preparing for my third attempt at the LSAT for entry to law school, a family friend encouraged me to consider becoming a therapist. After the batch of law school rejection letters arrived, I attended Kirkwood Community College’s Paralegal program. Nearing completion of the program, I began dating a friend from work. A few months before our wedding, I changed jobs and became a Volunteer Coordinator at a local non-profit. Reflecting on what I most enjoyed in my work, it was working alongside volunteers and listening to their stories. Most often I heard stories filled with hardships and pain, as well as triumphs. I wanted a more active role in helping people work through their pain. My own experience with therapy, my family friend planting the seed, and my work experience led me to Mount Mercy University’s Marriage and Family Therapy program. After graduating in 2012, I worked for an agency, then a group private practice and in 2016 opened my private practice. When I meet with clients, I enjoy honoring their stories and experiences. And thanks to all of those inovlved in my journey I get to guide clients in healing unresolved hurts and improving communications with others.

When you become conscious of your purpose in life, you have both a gift and a responsibility.

Additional Training

While in graduate school I was introduced to Internal Family Systems (IFS). The model resonated with me and I completed IFS Level One training before graduating. As a Program Assistant for two Level One IFS trainings in Chicago, I deepened my understanding and experience of IFS. Three years later I took Intimacy From the Inside Out (IFIO), an IFS Level Two training, to strengthen my practice in working with couples. IFIO changed how I understand and communicate in my own relationship, as well as helping my clients’ with theirs. IFIO Advanced and Post-Advanced trainings gave me an even deeper understanding of the couples therapy model. In time, I became a Staff member for IFIO Basic Trainings, a deep honor.

For more information on the models I use, see Ideal Client: Types of Therapy. These experiential models guide me in understanding the world with a more compassionate, curious, and non-pathologizing lens.

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