“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn” Benjamin Franklin

This page intends to give you a sense of clients I have been successful in providing therapy to, as well as some of my limitations as a therapist.

Beginning Therapy

Usually, it takes several sessions for me to learn your hopes for therapy, your background, and to build a trusting relationship. For this reason, I recommend coming weekly initially, eventually moving to bi-weekly, and then monthly or as needed. Successful therapy is significantly based on if we are a good fit for one another and your openness to change.

Sessions will become focused on addressing the underlying causes of your symptoms, in which I use the below modalities. We will discuss which one(s) would be most beneficial.

The modalities I use do not require you to re-live any past traumas. However, addressing your past helps me address your present. If you are wanting to only focus on the present or the future, I would encourage you to seek a Solution-Focused Brief Therapist on Psychology Today’s website.

My Intention

My intention is to guide you towards more confidence, calmness, clarity, and/or compassion, so you experience these more frequently and for longer periods of time. When life presents hardships, I hope you will be able to access these internal resources more easily so you do not stay stuck in fear or pain.

With the above modalities, I hope to help you change old beliefs that may have helped you through life struggles but may no longer be serving you or your relationships. I also hope you will experience more positive information about yourself and others, and cultivate more peace and compassion in your life. Ultimately, I hope to guide you towards a more kind and loving relationship with yourself and this extends towards your loved ones and others.

Common life experiences I work with:

  • Trauma and Tragedies
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Addictions (including behavioral addictions) *see below
  • Relationship issues (intimate, family of origin, friends, work)
  • Grief/loss (changes in life involve feelings of loss)
  • LGBTQ – individuals and couples.

Talk Therapy

I do not provide “talk therapy” in which Cognitive Behavioral Therapy may be the dominate form of treatment. In talk therapy, one might expect to talk about events and feelings, have a therapist teach you specific skills, problem-solve, and give homework. These can be beneficial interventions and I can offer referrals to therapists who provide this service, or you may search Psychology Today’s website.


Couples: No current or ongoing domestic violence. If this is occurring, please seek assistance from a therapist who specializes in domestic violence on Psychology Today’s website, or contact Waypoint Services: 319.365.1458.

My experience working with couples:

  • a partner has an extensive trauma history
  • a partner struggles with an addiction
  • emotional and physical affairs
  • deepen relationship with better communication and understanding of one another

Children: If seeking therapy for a child, I highly recommend a play therapist. I can offer referrals to therapists who provide this service or you may search Psychology Today’s website.

Teens/Adolescents: Teens are often, understandably, reluctant to attend therapy. There are skilled therapists who work with these adolescents.  This is not a skill of mine. I can offer referrals to these therapists or you may search Psychology Today’s website. If an adolescent wants to attend therapy and is motivated for change, I will consider working with them.

Crisis: I am not a good fit for those in crisis, may require contact outside of regular office hours, or on-call services for emergencies (suicidal tendencies, psychosis, etc.) I am only available during regular office hours and in-between sessions. Please contact Foundation 2 at 319.362.2174 or 800.332.4224 or foundation2crisischat.org, text “start” or “go” to 741741, online: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/, or 911 for emergencies.

Addictions: No one says, “I want to become an alcoholic…shopaholic…involved in an abusive relationship.” I believe underneath every painful behavior (ex: addictions, self-harm, abuse of self or others) are painful losses, unhealed wounds such as neglect, traumas or Traumas. Whether its self-medication or avoidance of others, the behavior serves as a function.

I may recommend a higher level of care, referring to a local treatment center (Sedlacek Treatment Center: 319.398.6226, ASAC: 319.390.4611, or Unity Point: 319.363.4429) or a therapist who is specialized in treating substance abuse (credentials of CADC).


I accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield and private pay. I offer a sliding fee scale based on income. For every $1,000 of household income, I charge $1, with a minimum of $70/session. Ex: if your household income is $80,000, sessions will be $80 each.