The below therapeutic models, or types of therapy I use, help me guide you towards psychological healing and personal growth. We will discuss which might be most beneficial for you to experience.

Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is my main therapeutic approach and I am an IFS Certified Therapist. IFS has a unique way of addressing and overcoming the complexities of trauma and grief. You can experience viewing yourself and others with more compassion and less judgement. IFS trusts your inner wisdom in addressing and releasing old mindsets, such as unworthiness, loneliness, and unlovability. Self-protective behaviors often follow these beliefs. While these behaviors may have kept you safe in many ways for a long time, and might still be helpful in certain situations, they may not be serving you in the way you’d like or in your relationships. Old beliefs can be replaced with new ones. You can shift the way you see yourself and others when you connect with your built-in resources like Calmness, Curiosity, Confidence, and Compassion. As healing occurs, many begin to live less from a self-protective place and even more authenticically. I have been a Program Assistant at IFS trainings and provide consultation to other professionals.

Body Based Therapies

While I no longer offer Transforming Touch®, I implement much of what I learned in sessions such as case conceptualization and psychoeducation I may offer.

Transforming the Experienced-Based Brain (TEB) is a Regulation Based Modality. The modality is based on the theory that when we experience ruptures during our development years, they continue to disrupt our lives at any age. This disruption can be seen as behavioral challenges, psychological challenges, spiritual challenges, and physical challenges.

Transforming Touch® Practitioners create a safe place for you to experience healing through a lens of safety, presence, and regulation. We understand that your body already knows how to heal itself if allowed more safety and needing less survival energy. Transforming Touch® Practitioners do not rely on pathology to label or understand our clients. We lean into the ideal that your body is capable of creating new neural pathways in your brain that allow for less stress/anxiety and more ability to learn, relate, and heal. I have been a Transforming Touch® Practitioner since 2019.

Somatic Experiencing (SE) focuses on your body’s innate desire and ability to heal, build capacity to move through anxieties and fears and also resolve traumas. I have two modules of SE training in SE.

Couples Therapy

Intimacy From the Inside Out (IFIO) uses Internal Family Systems with couples and interpersonal relationships. We identify and explore a pattern in your relationship that causes conflict or stress. Come to understand yourself and your partner better in the context of that pattern. Together, we work to shift the pattern into what feels more manageable so you can successfully have challenging conversations on your own. I am honored to be an IFIO Staff member and offer consultation to IFIO professionals.

“Intimacy doesn’t require sameness: it requires curiousity about difference and awareness of how complementarity creates possibility.”  – Alexandra Solomon

No therapy or mental health professional can guarantee outcomes, change, or reduction of symptoms, because results differ for each individual. I encourage regular discussion of the effectiveness of your therapy.