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About Me

Therapy can guide you in creating the life you want, help you find ways to face daily struggles with more calmness and confidence, and move through painful experiences to a more peaceful and empowered state.

A Full Heart:

  is filled with courage and confidence.

  is filled with sincere feeling.

  experiences joy, playfulness and love.

  experiences grief and sadness and also love and gratitude.

Learn more about my intentions, the types of therapy models I use, clients I have served, and some of my limitations as a therapist.

Many of my clients call to start therapy because they aren’t sure what else to do or try. What they have been trying so far isn’t working. Most experience relationship troubles of some kind and are ready for change. In particular, they want to think and feel different. Additionally, they want to do things differently and learn how to communicate differently. And while going through therapy they want to receive compassionate and non-judgemental support in this process.

If you choose to work with me I hope you will experience my compassion. Then, together, we explore what led to your current circumstances. During sessions I strive to help you have the relationship you want by understanding what happens between you and the other person (the problematic pattern) and discover what happens in you (the U-turn) and the other person. Come to understand yourself and your loved ones on a deeper level and have the kind of relationships you want.

A little about me

I am Andrea Nus and:

a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Iowa and permitted to practice in Florida

a trauma and relationship specialist

an Internal Family Systems Certified Therapist

am trained extensively in Intimacy From the Inside Out(R)

If you feel your past is impacting your present, you’re struggling with anxiety, or feeling stuck in your relationship, then contact me for a Free Consultation (info below).

I also offer Coaching services, groups, and workshops for women living in Fat and Larger Bodies. Visit Choices Inside, LLC to learn more about the services I offer, as well as the differences between Therapy and Coaching.

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