Paypal is the payment method for Consultation clients only. If you are a therapy client, please do not pay through Paypal. Paypal is not a confidential or HIPAA compliant form of payment. Therapy clients pay through the Client Portal.

Full Heart Therapy Consultees, please make your payments at

Payment for Consultation

Internal Family Systems Consultation

  • Individual. Rate is $100 for 60 minutes for Graduate Students and Temporary Licensed Therapists, and $150 for Licensed Therapists and Practitioners.
  • Practice Groups. Rate is $200 for two hours divided among 2 to 3 members.

Intimacy From the Inside Out Consultation

    • Individual. Consultation is 1 hour and the fee is $150 for Licensed Therapists and Practitioners.
    • Group. Up to 6 professionals meet for 2 hours/month for 6 months. The fee is $50/person per meeting.
    • Practice Groups. Fee: $200 for 2 hours. For instance, if 3 members attend, then the fee is $65/person per meeting. If 4 members attend, the fee is $50/person per meeting.

Consultation services will be paid in full in advance or right after services are provided. Additional Consultation services will not be provided until there is a $0 balance.

For more information on Consultation services for Internal Family Systems and Intimacy From the Inside Out, please visit HERE or contact me at 319.423.8033 or