Intimacy From the Inside Out Consultation

When receiving IFIO Consultation from me, you will provide cases you are working on in which you want to use, or are using, the IFIO model. Identify your therapist or practitioner parts that become activated in your work. Review the model, receive Self-led feedback, suggestions, and interventions to further your development and confidence as an IFIO therapist. We meet on Zoom. There is the option to meet in person if you are in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa, area and are willing to travel to my office.

I can provide Consultation to you if you are an IFS Therapist or Practitioner and

  • have completed Intimacy From the Inside Out Basic Training
  • are currently, or considering, working with clients in relationships (including couples, intimate relationships with more than 2 parties, family relationships, work relationships, etc.) and want to use the IFIO model
  • Individual. We discuss your client cases, the IFIO model, and work with your parts that are active in sessions. Consultation is 1 hour and the fee is $150 for Licensed Therapists and Practitioners.
  • Group. Up to 6 professionals meet for 2 hours/month for 6 months. Two therapists present a case each meeting. Then I assist each presenter in identifying their therapist parts, offer suggestions and interventions, and review the model. The fee is $50/person per meeting.
  • Practice Groups. When meeting, we follow the Practice Groups model used in IFIO trainings. While a group of 3 or 4 meet each will take turns rotating between being Therapist, part of the Couple, and Observer. In general, group members’ needs will be accomodated, (i.e., review recorded sessions, Q&A, dyadic teaching, run drills, etc. Fee: $200 for 2 hours. For instance, if 3 members attend, then the fee is $65/person per meeting. If 4 members attend, the fee is $50/person per meeting.

My Qualifications

  • IFS Level One, 2012. Also, I participated in a Practice Group bi-monthly and monthly live coaching, 2012-2015.
  • IFIO Basic Training, Portland, OR, 2016.
  • IFIO group consultation for six months post training, 2016.
  • Monthly individual IFIO consultation with Nancy Wonder, Ph.D., IFIO Lead Trainer. 2017 to Present.
  • IFIO Advanced Training, Austin, 2018.
  • IFIO Post-Advanced Training, Albuquerque, 2019.
  • Attendee of many IFS workshops; Kay Gardner’s “Legacy Burdens”, Cece Sykes’s “IFS and Addictions”, Susan McConnell’s “Somatic IFS”, Bob Falconer’s “Firefighters”, also Michi Rose, Janina Fisher, Loch Kelly, and more.
  • IFS Conference 2021 and 2022.
  • Guest Lecturer, “Introduction to IFIO” at Mount Mercy University Masters and Ph.D. “Couples” classes, 2019.
  • IFS Level 1 training Program Assistant, Evanston, Ill, 2016-2017 and 2018-2019.
  • Integrating IFS into consultation and supervision”, Liz Martins, online recording, 2023.
  • IFIO Staff member, 2021 to Present.
  • My own IFS therapist, 2011 to Present.
  • Certified IFS Therapist, 2022 to Present.

Contact me to discuss Consultation services and set up a Free 20-min Consultation to determine if we would be a good fit.

Consultation Payments can be made here.